Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Long-Lasting Eggs (and Memories)

When it's Easter decorating time, I always take out these eggs and smile over the memories of making them with Anne and Alli. Every year until college graduation, Alli joined us here at home for Easter - along with her future husband Luke (though they weren't dating then). Dyeing these eggs is quite fun, and time-consuming to boot. Meaning you can laugh and talk and even complain while making them. What you'll need: fresh eggs, spool of thread, pot (and water), white vinegar, tongs, silk ties (Thrift Shop Queen appears again!)
1. Make sure you are using a tie that is 100 % silk. Check the label. Anything else just won't "take" on the egg!

2. Cut a large square out of the silk tie, large enough to wrap around the egg. Discard the lining and interfacing. Hold the tie in place over the egg shape.

3. This is the truly tedius part, and best to do when with someone else because you can chat a LOT while wrapping thread from a full spool COMPLETELY around the egg so that not even the tie is visible in the end! (Martha Stewart recommends using a piece of white fabric secured over the silk tie on the egg and securing it with a twist tie, but I think that thread wrap makes for a tighter, clearer, crisper imprint on the egg.)

4. Place the egg(s) in a pot of water and make sure the water adequately covers the egg(s).

5. Add 3 T. white vinegar to the water, and boil water (on low) for at least 20 minutes.

6. Remove egg(s) from water with a tong. Let cool.

7. The fun part comes now! Unwrap the thread from your egg. The colors are always different from the original silk tie, and that's the thrill of it!

8. Enjoy your eggs. After Easter, place them back in a cardboard egg storage container to save for next year. The eggs will last a l-o-n-g time. You will be able to feel the yolk rolling around inside for years to come. Not recommended: breaking the egg...they are a bit stinky once aged.


simplicity said...

I have never seen or heard of eggs being made like this. Very cool.

On an aside, I have boiled 34 dozen eggs this week for school (and I'm not done!). I am almost Easter Egg'd out! :)

Cherith said...

These are beautiful, Deb. come over anytime (with your ties) and we'll tie one on. ;) Happy Easter.

Jed and Anne said...

That was fun to make those eggs with you! They turned out to be so pretty, too! You are so creative always, and I love how you are willing to try out or experiment with new artsy things.

We had a fun time with y'all yesterday, and we can't wait to see pictures on another blog soon.

I love you!


Alli said...

Those were so fun! I saw a cool technique in another magazine the other day, and thought of you-it was with lace, but I forget how it worked exactly...

We thought of you yesterday, Happy belated Easter!