Monday, May 05, 2008

Home Stretch

home stretch (insert pronunciation here) n. 1. the part of a race track between the last turn and the finish line; hence, 2. the final part of any undertaking.
Well. John is about to be a college graduate. His four years at NPU sped by; we are used to being empty nesters by now, aren't we? When he suggested that he would like a "home" party, I was thrilled...our home would be full of energetic young people again! It does get kind quiet with just the two of us around home (with our somewhat senile 18 year old meowling cat - when she's sleeping at least) and besides, we could see again many of John's friends who we have also come to love these past four years!
Some photos of the close to thirty friends (and family) gathered for an early graduation party here yesterday.
We have so many happy memories of being in this home for the past 24 years. Is it time to take the plunge and move back to the city and create a new home in the bustle there? Wes has put up with the worsening travel times to his job in the city, but now is it ridiculous to spend so much time in the car - and so much more pengar for the cost of gas? Stay tuned...but certainly don't hold your breath for a quick resove of this home stretch dilemna. In the meantime, we are so grateful for the sheltering arms of our humble home, and thankful that Anne and John had happy years growing up within its walls of brick and a welcoming yard full of trees to climb and rich soil for seeds to sprout.


Sarah said...

Congratulations on your graduation John! Best of luck with all the decisions for this new time, Deb!

The Lindahl News said...

Sarah, same to you! When is your graduation day?

cellothug said...

Congratulations, John! Gosh, it looks green and warm there! :) Can't complain, we got some sun, and this week they are predicting RAIN (not snow!).

cellothug said...

P.S. My beloved, flailing Rockies are playing in Chicago the last couple days of May and June 1...if I'm done with moving classrooms, what are you up to that week??

oatley said...

In comparing pictures of John now to pictures of his toddler years - there is still a hint (and not a small glimmer mind you) of the sweet impish boy from yester-year. How grand! Best of luck to John and his future as well as what ever that brings to you and Wes. Love, Sandi

Marny said...

Congrats to John! What's next?
Still our daughter was joining in this. But her turn will come in December.
Enjoy all the festivities!

cutbrain said...

Love to see it all. Didn't know Mom and Dad came to be with you until last weekend- so Dad doesn't alway tell me everything.
Your trip to NYC looked like a blast!