Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Suitcase Passion

I guess it all started when I was a little girl...this love of mine for suitcases. One of my first memories is owning a little round, pink suitcase (perhaps it had a dog on it?) and going on a mountain hike with my family. Of course, the suitcase had to come, had my "treasures" inside - bits of fabric and papers, and other finds important to a little girl of four or five years of age. I was holding the big hand of my Daddy, and somehow the suitcase fell out of my grip and into a mountain stream, and I was devastated. My hero (Dad) rushed into the stream and pulled out the suitcase and I can still see him going into the rushing water with his shoes and socks on. Safe and reunited: girl and suitcase. The suitcase is long gone, but since then, I have kept adding to my collection because suitcases are so handy!
Suitcases come in funky colors and can be decorated to hold special photographs and mementos.
Suitcases hold vintage hat collections.
Suitcases can act as bases for plantstands.
Suitcases work well for storing vintage linens and tucking under tables.
Suitcases are great for holding sewing and quilting supplies.
And, oh yeah, suitcases are good for travel!! For Mother's Day, Anne and Jed added a new funky pink suitcase to my collection. I just love how it has so many pouches, pockets and zippers AND can go "Carry On" with me on an airplane. Thanks, guys!
Speaking of Mother's Day, we had a lovely brunch together with the family post-graduation and our new Great-Nephew was born to nephew Andrew and his wife Timi. Welcome, little William Andrew! Let's get packin' so we can meet you!
My new pink suitcase is ready to go!


Melissa said...

How fun! Our new place has less storage (read: closets) than our old one, and I've been trying to find unique ways to store things out in the open. What a great idea!

Timi + Andrew said...

we hope you do visit soon! He is so cute and lots of fun!

cellothug said...

I'll second that-you're always welcome in CO! I hope to meet the newest Nelson soon...and perhaps pack my own suitcase for Chicago sometime in the next few months!

Cherith said...

When I think of your home I think of suitcases, Deb, though I didn't realize you had a collection. The three stacked suitcases served as your coffee table when I first visited -- I loved it! Just one example of your great sense of style and design. I admire that in you, Deb.