Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Pink Suitcase Chronicles #1

Diann and I knew, we just knew, that we needed to go to New York City to help celebrate the graduation of our niece, Jennifer. So, pink suitcase in tow, we flew out together this past weekend and had quite a lovely adventure there. Thus begins the first entry in the *PSC! Day#1
Out and about around "The Big Apple"
First we settled in our hotel room, then met up with Jen and family friend, Linda to go to a play then walk as much as possible before darkness set in. We checked out fancy hotel lobbies and in one of them was the painting at the Plaza Hotel based upon the character, Eloise by Kay Thompson.
Then off to Central Park. See the mama duck and her ducklings?
After a very full, fun day we had dinner at the San Martin restaurant, then tumbled into our comfy beds at this lovely hotel....ahh.
Day #2
Graduation from an Ivy League school is done on a huge scale. Finding seats for the graduates and their guests takes up a lot of space! Chairs under tents, bleacher seating, not to mention huge screens for the viewing: it certainly isn't NORTH PARK! Congrats and kudos to you, Jennifer!!!!!! You inspire all of us!
Post graduation (and it was a l-o-n-g one due to the many many students...maybe 4,000?), we took the subway to the Time's Square area and walked around. NYC makes our fair city of Chicago seem small!
Monday had been jam-packed with activity and the "girls" were ready to fall into bed by the end of the day. Here we are - ready to watch the finale of "Dancing with the Stars." (Yea, Kristi!)
Day #3
Because our hotel was so near to Rockefeller Plaza, we had the chance to go see the Today show with Al, Meredith, Matt and Ann standing right in front of us and Fergie as the featured performer. Did you see me on camera? I was the dancing fool with the funky glasses!
Well, my pink suitcase was packed and ready to return home. The whirlwind trip to New York City was wonderful. Here Jennifer, Diann and my pink traveling companion are in the hotel elevator, soon to part ways. We'll take a cab to the airport and Jen will go back on the subway for her final days at her school. I look forward to the next *PSC (* PINK SUITCASE CHRONICLES) adventure.


simplicity said...

I love the pink suitcase chronicles and can't wait to see what else is in store :)

And NYC?!? So fun! I have never been but want to so badly.

Melissa said...

Oh, so fun! I miss it so. Truly, nothing compares with New York. It's just...magical. I'm glad you had such a sensational weekend, Deb - I forgot to mention that another of my favorite NYC things to do is just walk the grounds of Columbia! It's so best friend attended Barnard and is now doing a post-doc at Columbia so I've spent lots of time there, and the conservatory program I attended in high school is just up the street. Samara, maybe your first guided tour of NYC needs to be a girls' weekend with yours truly! I'm always game! ;)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for this wonderful re-cap and reflection on an intense, marvelous three days. I will cherish them FOREVER! What an amazing aunt I have.

The Lindahl News said...

And you, Jennifer, are pretty amazing yourself!!