Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another One to Love!

A is for about time! We all watched and waited for news of the birth of our newest family member. We knew her parents and brother were anxiously awaiting the birth of this newest baby...would it be a boy or a girl? When? How long? How much? What name? Finally, when I called my sister to check in for the morning, she announced: "She's here!" And her name is Nora Claire. All are doing well. Another child is welcomed to the world - and the family welcomes her with much love and affection. Now we have three Great Nieces and two Great Nephews...and it's simply - well - great!
A close up of the sweet little newborn. I love how her eyes are tightly closed in slumber and her little lips have those little peaks of perfection. And the fuzzy hair that I could kiss on top of her lovely head, the rosy apples of her cheeks, and her little's L-O-V-E!
Here is little Nora Claire with her dad, Eric and her "Georgia Deb" Great Aunt.
And, yes, I did make a bag for her, too! This was the fastest creation ever as I knew we were passing through on our way North and I could hand it off in person. Besides, I had to see this little sweetie myself as she was only one day old...I love newborns! Congrats to this special family of four! We love you Eric, Cherith, Cal and Nora!


Timi + Andrew said...

Deb! You are so creative! I am sure they have loved your special gift to Nora, it is very very sweet of you to make beautiful and fun bags for these little ones!
Are you and Wes able to see Will and Andrew this coming Monday or Tuesday? I wish I could be there too :(

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Timi! We sure wish you could come out here, too. Anne, Wes and I all plan to meet the little man...and his Daddy! Can't wait!

cellothug said...

I can't wait to see the newest pics of the visit with Andrew & Will! Thanks for all the newest pics of family additions-there have been a lot lately!