Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hair Don'ts

Here you have it: a woman going mad with a house on the market and not being able to work on hands-on projects to keep her creative juices flowing. Add to the mix that our computer C drive is filled to capacity and I can't fiddle with our digital downloads presently. Reading a magazine was my option and here I stumbled upon a website presenting how to "do" a new you. (If you'd like to check it out, go to www.lhj.com/tryahairstyle.) I did have a bit of a problem matching my natural hair color, so I have gone a bit more gray here, thinking it was better than their brassy blonde option.
Wes really liked the spunk of this character in the movie, so I'm calling this coif the Ratatouille Chick. "If I Could Turn Back Time" I'd choose the Cher.
In search of the perfect mother/matronly haircut? Try the Donna Reed 'do!
This is the Mrs. Brady look. How did she do it with six kids? A moment of silence, please, for creator of the mullet.
Because I liked the movie You've Got Mail I'm calling this look the Meg.
The oft-requested look to emulate a famous Friends star...I call this the Jennifer.
This look I am calling Marilyn because of a sweet person I know who has hair just like this!
I call this the Shayne look because of the Bachelorette who won Matt's heart recently. Was she ditzy or what? Should I be embarrased to admit I like this show?
Finally, I leave you with the option of red called the Shayne on Fire. Shame on me for wasting my time like this...


Sarah said...

You crack me up. I'm gonna go try out some new hairdos now.

Did you hear that Shayne and the Bachelor broke up this week? Sad.

Melissa said...

Your last line made me laugh so hard! What a fun way to pass the time. And I admit, while I don't subscribe to watching the show weekly, when I do catch "The Bachelor" I am usually pretty amused (although I confess, my serious side kicks in once in a while and I am somewhat saddened by the state of relationships in today's day and age...). I was a faithful follower of Deanna's "Bachelorette" and am an even more faithful reader of Lincee Ray's Bachelor Recap blog!

The Witty Librarian said...


Hey- if your C Drive is full, have you considered a jump drive? Much more room to play and have fun with photos!

simplicity said...

So the next time I see you will you be sporting one of these new do's?!?

Love the idea, and think I should try it out myself. Fun!

cellothug said...

I never noticed how great your current hairdo is until I saw some of the alternatives. :)

An external hard drive just plugs into your computer with extra memory...like a gigantic jump drive. Good luck!

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, commenters for your comments!

To Sarah, you set me straight on the spelling of Shayne and it is now corrected. In the Chicago Tribune today, their breakup was noted...you are one updated girl to break the story before the Trib!!

To Melissa, I really liked the Deanna series. She seemed like she was trying to be real - at least as much as possible on TV with all the editing going on - and I was touched by her love story with Jesse. Who would've thought he'd be her choice from that first meeting with him wearing that crazy jacket!

To Witty, our low C drive problem has been dealt with. Thanks for the suggestion!

To Samara, Anne has suggested I go to her new hair man. I love her look, so maybe I will end up with something entirely new!

To Linnea, thanks for your nice comment about my real, current hairdo!
And, we DID get an external drive, thanks to recommendations by both Ryan and Andrew. We went with the My Book with 320 GB/Go. Yippee!
Hopefully, our capacity woes are now history.

Timi + Andrew said...

Deb - you made me smile with this blog update! You are very funny and creative and I love that about you! I am happy to be a part of your family!
PS: Please, stick to your current hairdo :)

Jed and Anne said...

Haha-haha these are funny!