Friday, July 18, 2008

The Pink Suitcase Chronicles #4

Seriously, I think I might be going a little nutty with this Pink Suitcase thing. I mean, really. I loaded her up in the rowboat, rowed past our dock at our lake cabin in/near Iron River, Michigan, schlepped her out onto the raft, and positioned her there so that I could get a head-on view of our cabin in the background. Meanwhile, camera in hand, I am bobbing up and down in the boat due to motor boats motoring nearby. The waves rolling knocked the suitcase over, almost sending my beloved pink traveling companion plummeting into the water! Sheesh! This brings us to our recent trip to the Upper Peninsula. We spent the recent long holiday weekend there with Anne, Jed, John and Kari. What fun we had: eating, watching old family videos, swimming, boating, playing games, visiting friends, swatting mosquitoes (okay, so not so much fun with this one!) fishing, thrifting at St. Vinnie's and more!
Each year, we wonder if our good ol' speed boat will start up...she's getting to be an old gal now.
But, yep, it looks like she is up to it for one more summer!
The 4th of July celebrated U.P. style is quite unique. The morning parade has hordes of people that you never see otherwise. Trucks of all styles are in the parade with waving folks in/on them. We even saw a yellow School Bus and a Charter Bus in the line-up this year. Unfortunately, the spewing water Cement Mixer was not in attendance, but the spouting fire truck with hose was, so we still managed to get ourselves doused and drenched again. Fireworks started at about 10:00 PM. We parked in a gravel lot near Ace Hardware and cozied up with the mosquitoes. Horns honk when a particular explosive spray is appreciated. Nearby revelers shoot off rockets, light sparklers and throw "poppers."
Here our group gathers for a birthday party at the White Stag. Five birthdays in a little over three weeks is a lot to celebrate. Following our party, we all went usual I was the slow poke of the gang.
Times spent with my family are simply the best! Thanks, again, little pink carrier, for carrying clothes for this time together - we'll soon be on the road again to more adventures!


Jed and Anne said...

Great post, mom. You truly captured a true snapshot of our little time together at the cabin. Jed and I really enjoyed getting to be together with you all. And, I find it kind of humorous that not only is your pink suitcase a travelling fiend, it has also been given a gender identity! Have a great day, mom!

The Lindahl News said...

Anne, thanks for your comment! I did chuckle when I read it; it has the word 'fiend' perhaps instead of 'friend' but I thought of her as such when she was tottering on the raft and almost plunging in the water!

She certainly IS a girl to me! And I'm glad you gave me 'her' as a Mother's Day gift!!!

simplicity said...

I love that you brought her out to the dock like that! Glad that she didn't fall in (you too!)

Here's hoping that that pink suitcase will be bringing you to MN sometime soon :) hint, hint!

Jeanne said...

Deb...Thanks for the Monday morning "traveling" news

cellothug said...

Ahh, the things we do for our blog pics....x