Monday, October 13, 2008

Splash Down! (P*S*C #10)

Option #1 Option #2
During the outside tour of our hotel, we found two fantastic pools - one for the adults and one for the family. Guess which one I wanted to dip into the most? If you guessed Option #2: YOU ARE RIGHT!
Why? Because of the cool octopus spewing water through its many tentacles and the slide!!!
Poor Wes. I made him go, too.
Not only that, but I made him take pictures of me going down the slide.
And, at the end of the short, sweet splash down from the slide I had to flash the victory sign and he snapped that, too. What a triumph.

Later that evening, we ate our burgers poolside still in our wet swimsuits and coverups. There weren't too many people nearby, so my ears perked up when I realized a person at the next table was talking about us to the person at the next table. This is what she was saying:

"You should have been here before! There was this old couple in their 60's and she had her husband taking pictures of her as she went down the slide. It was so funny to watch them having so much fun. The kids were all watching them!"

Okay, so we got noticed. But, what gave her the right to think we were in our sixties??? Ha!

The other pool was nice, too. We were with more people of our own mature age. And I happily report there were NO Speedo sightings in either pool.


Jeanne said...

you guys are so much fun. thanks for keeping us in the loop on the PSC

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Jeanne! Glad you are checking in here with feedback about the PSC.

Linnea said...

Well, clearly, you were going down the slide so fast you were a BLUR...that's the only way they could have made the age mistake! :) Glad you had such a ball!

simplicity said...

Sixties?!?! Really?!?!

Jed and Anne said...

That is so funny, mom! I can't believe they thought that you were in your sixties - you guys look way too young for that!

The Witty Librarian said...

I would have picked option #2 myself! Tee hee, I spent my last birthday at a waterpark- it's great to be always be a kid at heart!

andie said...

Old couple? Are you sure you were the only ones taking pictures on the slide? I can't imagine anyone ever calling you two an old couple!

Alli said...

I can't imagine thinking that you two were in your sixties!

Looks like fun though! I can't remember the last time I ate dinner in my bathing suit. I'm jealous.