Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Look Around the Campus (P*S*C #9)

I have such a fondness for my alma mater North Park University. After our bus tour, it was time to be more on its campus; here follows a personal mini tour...Rachael and Rebekah, check it out! Above: my suitcase on the steps of Wilson Hall.
A view from the Holmgren Stadium of the night soccer game. A loss by one point, unfortunately. The next morning, we took a walk around the campus before the Block Party started. By the time our campus walk was finished (we didn't see many students as it was a Saturday morning and sleep is top priority), we arrived on the other side of the campus for the barbeque about to begin. A couple thousand attendees were expected! What I love about this Block Party is that all the NPU students are invited, as well as neighborhood folks and, of course, alumni. We get the chance to see friends from "back in the day" who aren't necessarily there for a class reunion year. Young and old, various ethnicities,
past, present and future students of this institution of higher learning come together to celebrate. The world gets just a little bit smaller for these couple of hours!


The Lindahl News said...

Rebekah and Rachael, I would love to give you a personal tour sometime! The campus is so pretty this time of year.

Marny said...

Your pictures bring back memories from last year. Reunions are great! Looking forward to 35!