Friday, March 19, 2010

The First Official "Gig" as FGM*

* Fairy Godmother When lovely Katie became engaged recently, I offered to be her FGM - just as her mother was the FGM when Anne was married a few years back. My, oh my, do I love this job! My presence was requested as Katie went to look for her dress - THE dress. We went to the same place that Anne got her dress: Wedding Belles in Barrington. In my opinion, this is the best place to go looking for the dress for the big day. This sweet little veiled lady greets the guests coming into the charming bridal gown house. She's about three feet tall, and has the most pleasant dispositon.Short gowns, long gowns, lacy gowns, classic gowns - all are uniquely wonderful and one-of-a-kind. They may have made a trip down a runway show in their past life, but now they rest in the shop waiting to accompany the bride home from her visit (with the proper monetary compensation, of course).
Sitting pretty is possible here while you wait for other brides to take their turn. And also while waiting the for final transaction between dress and bride. So cozy!
The rooms upstairs have such charm as well. Dresses spill out of wardrobe closets. Unlike other bridal shops, the bride may flit here and there looking for just what she might be looking for. Or finding something she has totally not considered, but once on her frame is seemingly the perfect dress. Katie looked stunning in every gown she tried on; making a choice would be tough. But, she did have her, "Oh, this is so me" moment and like she was told, "When you know, you KNOW!"
Back downstairs, this model bride awaits with a table full of tiaras and such, while nearby a
lone arm holds fancies for the wrists, sparkles and flowers for the hair.
Shoes sit waiting on the stairs to slip onto the feet of the bride to elevate or minimize her stature as she tries on the dress - THE dress.
Once the bride has on her dress, the consultants foof and puff, swirl and twirl the bride's hair into a coif to simulate the whole wedding day presentation. Brushing, pinning, fussing.
Of course this FGM won't be showing any pictures of this bride with her selection. But, let me assure you that she will look stunningly beautiful on her wedding day!


Kristin Jag said...

Wow-I am so happy for Katie and can't wait to see pictures of this beautiful bride that is forever a little kid in my mind!

The Lindahl News said...

Kristin, she is all grown up now!
We actually talked about YOUR wedding dress while we were was such a fun one and so well-suited to your personality.

(Just think, you have the potential of being MOB three times!!!)

Timi + Andrew said...

The atmosphere of this bridal gown store is amazing! It clearly shows thru the pics!
And speaking of photos, we updated our blog finally:)

Greta said...

I agree that this is THE best place to find your wedding dress! That is where I found mine :) I loved the whole experience there.