Friday, March 12, 2010

Words, Words, Words

It must be stated here, right from the start: I am a word game geek. As long as I can remember, playing word games has been a favorite past-time. The first game I remember playing had orange letter cubes and a plastic orange cup for holding the cubes. You shook the cubes in the cup and then spilled them out and tried to make words out of the letters. The game: Spill and Spell. Happily, this game is still in my possession!
No Junior Scrabble for me as I got older...the real Scrabble was my next favorite. My whole family enjoyed this game, and my Mom was even playing it with finesse into her 80's.
In fact, my Nelson side loved to play all kinds of games. We'd get together for family reunions and learn new games --- and the word games were always my favorites. Enter Boggle, Perquackey, and Syzygy.

The good and bad about playing these games, however, is that they need two (or more) to play. Once the kids moved out, I was out of luck---Wes is not a fan of word games. My sister and I enjoy playing together, but again, she is not available around the clock as whim dictates.

How to solve this problem? Computer, of course. I play my CD ROM of Scrabble. And Facebook Lexulous is fun. I find "Lex" the robot to be a good partner these days. Funny that real "friend" people playing online caused me more stress due to my apparent competitive nature surfacing, so I have put that on hold for now.

Further proof of my word game geekiness is that as I try to fall asleep at night my brain gives me random letters to organize into words. I work on word endings, what words have the letters v, q, and k and w in them; I work on prefixes and compound words and words with many vowels and consanants. Sometimes I think counting sheep would be a whole lot more restful!

What do YOU think about as you are trying to head off to the Land of Nod??


Anonymous said...

I do not like to play word games with Deb. In over 30 years of playing with her I have perhaps won 2 times (by chance). Now, how do you spell KAT?

Anonymous said...

BTW, anonymous is Wes.

Jed and Anne said...

I don't know what I ALWAYS think about as I head off to bed - mostly to-do lists and sometimes great ideas of things to do to teach in the classroom in a new way.

I can also attest that you are indeed the word master. I don't know that I've been able to beat you very often in word games, either..

oatley said...

do you remember the ur and er sounds ... think ver der bur

The Lindahl News said...

Sandi, those words seem to slip out every now and then! Ha!