Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Sleuthing Sister Celebrates Another Year!

Way back when, my sister used her babysitting money to buy her own Nancy Drew mystery books. So when I saw The Lost Files of Nancy Drew shown above, I knew I had found the theme for 2010! (We sisters always do themed birthday gifts you know.)
However, the gifts were not going to just fall in Sis' lap...she had to do a bit of sleuthing to get to them! First she had to paint a bit, then look for a hidden clue on the easel board. Once found, the clue had scrambled letters (she is a word geek like me) telling her where to look for her next clue. She quickly mastered the leathery box and dishwasher clues, but mattress totally stumped her.
Of course, Nancy Drew would need a flashlight, notebook, pens and magnifying glass to solve her mysteries, so Diann found these along with her clues.
Here she celebrates the victory of finally finding the mattress clue. Sweet victory at that.
Once all the clues were found, she had to solve yet another mystery with certain letters in the scrambled words being circled. If you do the newspaper JUMBLE puzzles, you'd know what to do. The circled letters were R E R Y D....or dryer. This stumped her a bit, too.
Once located, there was a bag full of goodies. And each gift related to a certain title of a Nancy Drew mystery with a tag on it featuring said title. For example, this gift had a tag of The Clue of the Tapping Heels (let's hear it for Google search for images of book jackets!) and inside the package were cute little red-heeled gardening shoes.
Though difficult to not keep these shoes for myself, they were just right for Sis and she slipped them right on...threatening to wear them on the train for our soon-to-come downtown trek.
Once all the packages were opened there was one final secret message with the little circles on the lower right side of the tag...can you figure out the message?
And then we left our condo to take the train downtown. It was a gorgeous clear day!
The building on the left is our destination --- the John Hancock building. We were going for lunch there on the 95th floor to the Signature Room because, just like Nancy, she had solved the clues and there was a victory lunch to celebrate the success of yet another case...er..ah YEAR!
We also managed to squeeze in a trip to the Macy's Flower Show...more on that later.
Happy Birthday to the Best (Sleuth) Sis in the World!!


Timi + Andrew said...

Happy Birthday Diann!

The Lindahl News said...

Joan, thanks for your comment on FB. So fun to hear you are reading and collecting these books, too!

I have to agree with you that they make you feel young again! I recently reread The Secret of the Old Clock and was taken by Nancy's cleverness and her obdeience to her father and politeness to others...she's quite a girl! Do they "make" them like her anymore?

The Lindahl News said...

Oops...spelled OBEDIENCE wrong - here's the correction!

The Lindahl News said...

Timi, did you ever read the Nancy Drew books in your home country?

Timi + Andrew said...

Deb - Unfortunately I never heard of Nancy Drew... it sounds interesting and fun, maybe I can start those stories once our baby girl is older :)

Linnea said...

What a fun way to celebrate a birthday-happy birthday Diann! I, too, loved Nancy Drew books growing up!