Friday, May 07, 2010

May Showers Bring May Flowers (Copycat Challenge #20)

Hoo Boy...that was some shower overnight with a thunderstorm to match! Good thing to know that showers always bring flowers, right? In this case, the flowers just happen to be green and filled with beans. In the book BLANKET STATEMENT by Vicki Haninger, the pattern is for a pincushion, but I think that would be far too dangerous for Miss Ellie for now, so we'll have to settle for tossing these flowers at her Grandpa instead - when she gets old enough to toss, of course! A word to Grandpa: RUN! The pattern is found on pages 60-61 of the book I am blogging my way through. It is actually one of the easiest patterns to follow as it is really just three pieces - the two large cirlcles for the top and bottom of the flower, and a smaller stuffed circle for the flower center. I chose to add French knots on the flower center to give added texture to the project. Little chain stitches on the flower petal "lines" further secure the long stitches taken to form the petals. Again, I visited my friendly neighbor's yard for this photo shoot. The little blooming bush appears to be an azalea in my thinking. I thought it would be unkind to place a heavy beanbag on a tender branch --- and my neighbor was looking, so I had to behave. But, I really did want these flowers on that bush branch! Imagine that if you will --- wouldn't a beanbag bush be the coolest thing ever?


Linnea said...

Your projects always turn out cuter than the original! And I'm going to have to find out from you how to post my blog posts on facebook for my trip...

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, are nice!

As far as posting blog via FB, it isn't too hard. You put your blog address in the update box, then click on the link thing below. Fiddle around if that doesn't work - I still haven't got it completely set.

Your goal is to get to the settings
word on the right side, which opens up to all sorts of icons. Click on the blogger (orange) one.

Important: you will need to find (click) the LATEST blog to update as you will otherwise get a funky combination of a thumbnail from a previous post with the current blog words. Like I said, I fiddle, but it is possible. You will probably get it right the first time! Good luck...and I can't wait to see your travel blogs soon!

I hope this helps a have to remember I am a dinosaur when it comes to technology, and I learn in fits and spurts!

Spirit Bear said...

Only you would think of a bean bag bush. I hope you get some cool fabric in China.