Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Nailing" Melatonin Comparison

Knowing that the temperatures we are soon going to encounter are in the 90's, and knowing that my toesies are sure to be exposed, it was apparent they needed help! The "reverse" French
pedicure I have been sporting was due for an extreme makeover. (Check out the feet on the left.) Do you care to guess who my pedicure partner was on the right? I'll give you a clue: she is tan after only minutes in the sun, she's a Grandma to four (with another "in the oven") and she is my City Nest neighbor. Give up? She's my wonderful sister. I just love how she is up for spur-of-the-moment adventures! And, no this is her present skin tone, not anything from a tube or table!
Here is our before picture.
So many nail polish colors from which to choose...but typical to our sisterhood similarities, we ended up picking almost the same color.
Side by side we sat and chatted while our toenails were pampered.
I'd like to thank Melissa for recommending this place on Peterson Avenue. She was right about how the staff would pamper us, and would give us a back massage as we waiting for the nails to dry.

And here is our after picture.

Funny how a little thing like a pedicure can put you back in a "happy" place as you are forced to sit while the feet are fretted over. Funny how a little thing like sitting side by side with your sister makes you forget all the items on the monumental to-to list. Funny how genetics gave her more melatonin (by far) than me, too!


Melissa said...

Oh, yea! I'm so glad you found the salon and had such fun! :)

The Lindahl News said...

Melissa, you gave us just the right tip --- thanks, again! We'll go back sometime.

Anne said...

Fun fun fun!