Monday, May 17, 2010

Green Travel Accessories (Copycat Challenge #21 & #22)

The green wooly blanket keeps on giving - this marks the over halfway point of the blogging project using the book Blanket Statement by Vicki Haninger. Two little projects are going to make their way across the ocean with me as we soon travel to China.
For project number 1, I used the Dainty Slippers pattern on pages 76 and 77 - not to make slippers for myself, but to use as a bookmark as I know there's a lot of reading to be done on this trip!
The "tweak" on this pattern was easy! I simply made the two slippers and sewed a ribbon end to each slipper and voila it became a handy bookmark. Little slipper flowers were made by coiling up a leftover scrap of green wool and sewing it to a fringed scrap of rose-colored fabric.
Just for kicks, I thought I'd try to vary the pattern a bit on bookmark number two. This one would be perfect for taking to the beach as it features a pair of flip flops. And what better beach book than The Shell Seekers by one of my favorite authors Rosamunde Pilcher?
For project #2, I was thinking about my travel jewelry. The Valentine Needle Case on pages 30 and 31 would work splendidly to hold onto earrings when stuck through the inner felt heart. Even clip-on earring would work here - not that I wear those.

How well I remember the days when my mom wore those clip-on earrings! Usually they didn't last long on her ears and she'd take them off and place them on a tabletop nearby. Her hands would rub her earlobes as if in discomfort. As a girl, I couldn't understand why she removed this bling ---to me they seemed like the height of glamour! Eventually, though, Mom got her ears pierced.

There you have it. On my wish-list-to-purchase-while-in-China are some more books (children's) and jewelry (pearls or jade) to go with these new green accessories! Wish me luck, please. In reply: m goi or do ze.


travel accessories said...

I must say really creative idea. I like the themes you have selected and the cut-outs you have posted are also pretty cool. Very well done.

oatley said...

Safe travel as you head to China. I'll be thinking about you and anxiously waiting to see your blogs!

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Sandi! Let the adventures begin!

Linnea said...

Even here in Italy, I am eagerly checking your blog for some new vacation posts. :)