Thursday, April 14, 2011

Aisle Be Seeing You

Now that Miss E is a walker, she explores where she wants to go instead of us taking her where we want to go. After being her exploring companion at the library this week, I would like to report that she likes aisles - coming and going - and occasionally grabbing a book or DVD along the way. She is also quite enamored with the fish in the large aquarium at the library. Her lips can now form fish "lips" with the cheeks sucked in and the lips puckered and moving as fish do. Library patrons were amused with her enthusiasm and jabbering away to the tank inhabitants.
Miss E also likes hanging out at the caterpillar table and doing puzzles. She surprised me with her skillz.
Here she poses with one of our favorite librarians, Ms. Colleen. She had selected a book just for Miss E about an elephant who shares the same name.
What fun it is to have these Mondays with MorMor!

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