Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fair Warning

The warning is this:
If you look deep into my eyes this following week, instead of the normal blue iris, you might actually see the blue of the Union Jack flag gazing back at you.
Yes, I'm one of those who is eagerly awaiting the upcoming nuptials of
Will and Kate.
In fact, so much so, that I am hosting an intimate little tea party for four - including myself
to review all the splendour (this spelling is intentional) post wedding.
My dear sister, as well as a friend and her dear sister will be the guests. Here is a peak at the invitation:

My sweet husband is sure they are going to come after me with the copyright infringement of the invitation. And certainly one must notice that my sister is a "Lady."

The invitation goes on to mention details such as the

When and Where of the party. As well as the request to

Wear Proper Attire and Hats Being Provided.

Meanwhile, the menu is being planned and decor attended to.

There's also the planning of just the perfect outfit to wear fit for Royalty.

In fact, Wes mentioned this morning that he just saw a televised picture of Queen Elizabeth's 85th birthday frock and mine is quite close in appearance. Fancy that.

So, there you have it as to why I might seem a bit distracted this coming week.

Fair warning as my mind is simply swimming with all the details

one must attend to in the planning of a Royal Wedding viewing and Tea Party!

(Here you might wish to hear the humming of the tune God Save the Queen as this post fades out.)


The Lindahl News said...

Darilyn, I love my new Kate and Will commemorative mug from LONDON!!! A jolly thank you to you!

The Lindahl News said...

Patricia, thanks for the link to the Royal Wedding countsown clock!