Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dress Guidelines

How I loved being able to shop for Miss E's Easter dress! Her momma has great taste in dressing the little one and I try to follow her guidelines when picking out an outfit. I owe her that much after making her wear a bowl haircut most of her first five years, and choosing her outfits based upon Peter Pan collars, smocking and saccharin sweet pastel prints in the early 8os. Guideline #1: Modern prints and sassy colors, please.
Guideline #2: Polka dots are a plus.
Guideline #3: Spinners are winners. (The twirl factor in a dress is most important- even if you can't quite twirl yet.)
Guideline #4: Let the momma pick the shoes to get the fit just right.
Guideline #5: If it is cold outside, select a cardigan to go along with the dress.
We had such a lovely Easter with our family, and especially enjoyed the very fashionable Miss E. go about the yard in search of eggs for her basket.
Hope you had a lovely Easter as well!

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Kate said...

She is just TOO cute! Great job with the dress!