Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Day of Determination in Acadia National Park (P*S*C* #38)

Being so close to Acadia National Park while in Maine meant we had to pay a visit there --- even if the forecast called for a basically miserable day. After all, we had our umbrellas and waterproof slickers! Sand Beach was the first stop we made. I took time to "write" a special anniversary message to my sweetie, then we walked on.
It was low tide. We saw a couple of people walk into the forest at the end of the beach, so we tucked ourselves into the woods and found ourselves on some sort of trail, not really marked as to which trail it was, but we noted the painted blue strips on tree trunks and rocks so followed these markings to wherever.
Here I'd like to comment that hiking on rocky paths while holding an umbrella is not easily managed...especially as we are in the plodding turtles vs. sprite gazelles age group.
However, the scenic aspect of the hike was paying off with breath-taking views and sounds of the crashing sea below us.
When we finally found the summit of the hike marked by this carved sign, we figured out that we had hiked the Great Head trail. Surely this seemed like a hike that was more than 145 feet in elevation! It had taken us over an hour to get here. None-the-less the plodding turtles were perfectly pleased with pleasure to have made it to this pinnacle.
Back in the (warm, dry) car, we visited the Thunder Hole. No Beehive climb today; we passed by that trail today. Maybe next time?
We also could have chosen the 7.4 mile hike to Cadillac Mountain. The guidebook said the hike was strenuous and required 4.75 hours to walk to the 1,530 feet elevation. Instead, we drove to the summit.
As we drove up the mountain, the rain pounded down and visibility was greatly decreased. Still quite beautiful in its own way... ...but, just to be sure we'd really made it to the top and couldn't see anything, I took a picture of this t shirt as proof we were there!
In some ways, the highlight of the trip was stopping by the Jordan House to take a warm break from the rainy temp's in the low fifties. Here we enjoyed the world famous fresh-baked popovers with real butter and homemade strawberry jam served with hot tomato basil bisque soup.
(We strayed from our TURNOVER meal plan and it was worth every bite and spoonful.)
This outing was one we'll always remember, in spite of the cool, wet weather. We Americans are so fortunate to have these National Parks and we must visit them and tell others to visit them. As the Parks are our national treasures we must keep them up and running for the sake of our children, grandchildren and future generations!

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Sonia said...

Deb, your view of the ocean is beautiful. There is nothing like the sound of waves...

and I agree totally with your plea to support our National Parks. They are a treasure. Did you get a passport book to keep track of your visits to the parks?