Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Here's the Scoop (P*S*C* #38)

***WARNING*** Reading this post will most likely cause you to head to the freezer compartment of your refrigerator or head out to the nearest ice cream vendor's place near you! If you choose any of the flavors listed below, you are joining the millions who have selected their personal favorites with their pocketbooks, wallets and spoons. Well? How did you do? Is your pesonal favorite on the Top Ten list? The last leg of our journey to the New England states took us to Waterbury, Vermont. Think of this as the cherry (Garcia) on the top of our travel sundae! You see, Waterbury is the home of the Ben and Jerry's ice cream TOUR CENTRAL, and we knew we had to fork (spoon?) over the $3.00 fee to tour the factory and get the flavor-of-the-day sample. Before we could taste, we saw the tank room where the milk is stored in a huge vat. Then, on to the assembly room where flavors, swirls, and add-ins are combined and cartoned. Finally we arrived at the ultimate destination: the FlavoRoom where we received our heavenly ice cream in a small paper cup.
Today's flavor? Delicious LATE NIGHT SNACK which has creamy vanilla ice cream, a salted caramel swirl and little pieces of chocolate-covered potato chips. Certainly scoopalicious!
Needless to say, we left Ben and Jerry's in an elevated, udderly enlightened state.


Sonia said...

I feel a craving for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough coming on!

The Lindahl News said...

Sonia, I say GO for it!