Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pink Suitcase Chronicles #38 - Visiting New England

Stated simply: We have just returned home from a 9 day trip to Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The simple pleasures of the trip: Seeing special friends, walking in sand, climbing rocks (slowly and carefully), eating a lot of good food, being near mountains and water and hanging out together 24/7. Highlight #1: Being with the Rholls in Maine.
Highlight #2: Seeing the sights in Boston with Carol and Mark. (More on that in a future post). Do you recognize this stately Boston building?
Highlight #3: Visiting these New England states at this time of year brings a purple/lavender/white/pink reward --- lupines. We saw them everywhere!
Highlight #4: This was the first time we have lodged in an inn on a bay. Penobscot Bay is the second largest bay in the US; the largest bay is Chesapeake Bay. The country breakfast each morning certainly started the day off right.
Highlight #5: Hiking a bit in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, we discovered that gnats bite just as annoyingly as those mosquitoes we encounter at our cabin in Michigan. Those nasty little bugs now fly with a bit of our matter within their systems. I'm assuming this is more a highlight for them than it was for us.
Highlight#6: The last leg of our trip was spent in Vermont with Penny and Lorenzo as our hosts. Their garage was most impressive with its five pairs of snowshoes, bicycles and kayak. Gone are the days of boring landscapes from when they shared our hometown in the Midwest!
As of this post, I'm not quite sure exactly how to proceed with documenting our trip highlights.
But I know I feel compelled to do so as far as some of the cuisine we consumed (think red with pinchers), the famous people and creatures we met, the visit to Acadia National Park and how we ended one of our full days with a trip to a place where "everyone knows your name." Come on back, ya hear?

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Sonia said...

Don't leave us hanging, Deb, tell us more!
Can't wait to hear about Acadia National Park.