Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Combined Ages of These Pirates: 168 Years! (*P*S*C* #39)

Shiver me timbers, maties, and stand clear of these birthday pirates! And be warned: this Pirate Baby will steal your heart as well as your loot! Take special note of the two retired pirates in the middle in the teal and red bandanas.
Pirates like cupcakes.
And especially liked the cold cash and jewels found in these boxes.
Happy Birthday to John, Jed, Kari, Anne and Wes who celebrated their birthdays together (five birthdays in three-and-a-half week time span) and were thrown the annual party at the White Stag restaurant near Rhinelander, Wisconsin. As usual, they humored the hostess by wearing silly costumes and being surrounded by table decorations quite tacky in nature. They should have made her walk the plank for this one.
Care to make a guess on the ages of the birthday celebrants that add up (combined) to 168 years? There could be a booty reward for a correct guess!


simplicity said...


Anne: 29
John: 25?
Kari: 25?
Wes: 57?
Jed: 33?

That's my best guess!

The Lindahl News said...

Samara, you are thisthis close! Recheck your additon, maybe?

Spirit Bear said...

Your family is way too photogenic! There oughta be a law.

The Lindahl News said...

And, Becca C. WINS on the Facebook link with:

JL 25
JB 32
KL 25
AB 29
WL 57

Booty will be awarded at the cabin.
Congrats, Becca!