Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hey, Hey, It's a Monkey

Think about it. The Monkees have a lot in common with the monkey. Both were/are entertaining. Both were/are known for their antics. Both were/are brown-haired. Both draw crowds. Both get older. But only the Davy, Peter and Mickey Monkees are touring this summer - and I missed them in Chicago when they were here. Back in the day, I was a huge Monkees fan! My babysitting money went towards purchase of their singles, and when enough was saved, I bought some of their albums.
As far as which Monkee was my favorite, I had two: Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith. I liked Peter because he was a total cute goofball, and I liked Mike because he seemed so much more mature than the other Monkees. He had confidence to wear a green hat. Davy was everybody's favorite due to his keen wardrobe, British accent and prowess wearing knotted scarves around his neck.
Mickey was cute and animated, but he just didn't float my boat.
My parents weren't thrilled about my choice to follow this group, and I had to sneak to watch their afternoon TV show. I believe they called this show "trash."
Well, that was all decades ago, but with the resurgence of their current touring (3 out of 4, no Mike), I wanted to stitch something as a tribute to their important part in my adolescent growth. What better to make than a SOCK monkey? (It helped that I cleaned my sewing closet and found the red-heeled socks I had purchased to make for the kids, yet never did it before they left home.)

Here I goofed. I made the legs out of the part that was supposed to be the head.But, no worries.I worked it out another way.

Here we see Mr. Monkey with no appendages, one ear and no eyes.

And here he is all completed. But missing something! Now's the part done as my tribute to Mike. Michael. Look closely at the picture and note that Wes wore a belt just like theirs when I met him.

And that Mike is wearing his signature green hat.
So Mr. Monkey got a green hat.
Plus a Fez hat to mark the silliness of Peter.
They just don't make 'em like the Monkees they?
As for you, dear reader, did you have a favorite Monkee, and if so, who?
Note to Sandi - we're waaaay overdue for our Monkee stroll down the halls of RHS, no?


oatley said...

I'm reading your post, reminiscing about our youth and listening to those familiar songs. Ah, you do take me back. I must confess, I too was a Davy fan. Kinda liked Mickey thinking of him as the "bad boy" of the bunch. You know that wild side.

Getting to your final note, made me laugh. Wanted to step out of my office and stroll past the library, gym and classrooms. Somehow, wouldn't be the same without you.

thanks, as always, for the memories!

The Lindahl News said...

Sandi, we owe each other a Monkee walk! It's been too long since we've been together.

And, congrats to your Grandson on his FIRST birthday!

oatley said...

we certainly do ... how can we make this work?

thanks for the congrats, we party with the little man tomorrow.