Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Red Canoe Mishap (*P*S*C #49)

At first glance, this couple in the canoe might look like us.
She has shortish blond hair and he has a protective hat and
sunglasses.  They might be about our ages?  But they are not us.

Why do I use their picture instead of our picture?  Simple:  I
toppled our canoe as I was getting into it. The camera was in my
pocket and was thoroughly submerged into the water and drenched.
I recovered and dried off and my poor camera didn't.  Yet another
mishap in my relationships with cameras --- I have dropped them
with the lens open too many times.  In China, my new camera stopped
focusing for no good reason and had to be replaced.  I am not lucky
with cameras.

I tried using the blow dryer to evaporate the trapped water in the
camera.  No luck.  I tried letting the camera soak up the rays of the sun.
No luck.  Having heard that a wet camera (or cell phone) responds to
a "spa" inside a bath of dry rice wasn't an option.  I let the camera
sleep overnight to dry off, and again no luck.

Enter my husband into the equation of fixing the camera.  He suggested
baking it in the oven. Yeah, right.  But after having exhausted all other
options I figured what the heck and I let him do the cooking.  He set the
cabin oven on low and let 'er bake.  It was about 40 minutes.  Then it was
removed and set out to cool just like a pie.  Once the camera was the
right temperature an attempt to take a picture revealed that my Nikon
COOLPIX was once again ready to work.  Holy Moly!

Certainly, I cannot guarantee that you would have the same results
shouldst you tip in a canoe, soak your camera and bake it to restore it
back to health.  But, the lake picture taken with my delicious
fresh-baked camera was again possible! 

Ahhhh...for now it looks like we're once again in the picture-taking
frame of mind.  Perhaps my luck is changing.


oatley said...

What a funny (and surprising) story. You should submit your tale to the camera's maker ...

The Lindahl News said...

Nikkon would probably rather have me buy a new camera...

Linnea said...

I washed my iPod in the washing machine (oops). Maybe baking it will do the trick!