Friday, July 06, 2012

Rockin' On

Not wanting to give to give away the exact age of Wes's baby sister, let's just say she was little a looooong time ago!  As Wes was quite a bit older, he was able to make this special rocking horse to present to her when she was just the right age for rocking in style.

Stored away as his sister grew older, the rocking horse was brought out of storage, painted and readied for own two little wranglers. Once again, this horse was much loved.

Now the much-loved horse is back in action! This time, the paint is chipped and dinged from all those years in the attic. One day Miss E was over and we had an inspiration to pull the horse out of the attic and she has been riding it ever since.

She rides it in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. And when she has to leave the horse, she'll even say good-bye with a little kiss to the head. I'm so glad this three-generation horse is a part of our "stable!"

Is there anything you are saving for a future generation?

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Sharon said...

I've got one just like that !!!! The boys have loved it!!!