Thursday, July 12, 2012

ZIP Update

You might ask how that "zip" project is going
these days. After all, it is now the half year marker
for the 2012 Resolution Word
in which I plan to bring zip into my life in three ways
by lip-zipping, zippy surroundings and using actual zippers in my craft projects.

The results are in:  there have been some ups and downs (pun intended)!  I had a good four
months with using zippers in January, February, March and April with the projects shown
here: two dresses for Miss E with back neckline zippers - one needed repair after wearing. 
The zipper flower pin sits in my jewely box.  The zipper-pocket-in-the-back monster is with
my nephew and is hopefully still enjoyed.

May and June were busy!  The zipper use was in a felted wool mitten.  Only one zipper, but
8 animal characters: all to go with an "activity set" based upon the book THE MITTEN by
Jan Brett.  Miss E fell in love with this book and the plot in which a young boy loses his white
mitten made by his grandmother and the forest animals crawl inside one by one.  The mitten
keeps stretching until the little mouse lands on the nose of the bear,  The bear sneezes and all
the animals fly out of the mitten and the boy is reunited with his mitten that is now much

Most of the animal patterns were found in the book COUNTRYSIDE SOFTIES by Amy
Adams.  (Thanks, Patricia, for this book!)fun books!)

Now it is July, and I am happy to report that my long-saved 90 inch pink zipper (rescued
from my girlhood sleeping bag) is repurposed into a fun catch-all bag.  I simply sewed the
zipper sides into a continual seam based upon an online tutorial.  Voila - a bag that can
accommodate craft supplies and also amuse one by unzipping and zipping practice.    The
unzipped zipper, before sewing, is shown as the pink heart around a place setting of our
china on the dining room table, just to give you a scale as to how long the zipper is.

One challenge I am having is making these collage pictures.  It's taking a lot of time to
download my pictures to an online sight, create a collage and then right-click save to
post.  Any ideas? 

Wishing YOU zip as you go about the business of summer --- stay cool!


Anne Bassett said...

I like how your photos here are collage-y. What was your technique? Fun to see this zipper bag in person! Way to keep up on your resolutions!

The Lindahl News said...

The colllage was made by going into my Walgreens photo account, making a collage and right -clicking to save it. Not very fast!

And, thanks!