Thursday, April 19, 2007

C'mon...Take a (Visual) Tour With Me!

Meet me at my train station in the north suburbs. I'm not going to tell you right away where we're headed, just that it will be a lot of fun. You possibly haven't visited there before; I hadn't. There was quite a BIG wedding recently at this destination that a lot of North Parkers and Covenanters attended...does that give you a clue? The train ride from my town will take over an hour. Feel free to take your shoes off and get comfortable. There will be a lot of walking today. We're at Union Station now. Make a right from the Adams Street location and walk to Jackson. Turn left, towards the lake. Proceed! Check out these sculptures as we walk to our destination. Out and about now, we're loving seeing Chicago readied for the long-awaited spring with planting here and there! After a fine walk, we finally came to our destination: The Union League Club on 77 West Jackson. We've been invited to attend a Women of North Park University luncheon (hosted by the Parkyn's) with a docent-led tour of the amazing art collection that the League has collected! One work that you might particularly enjoy is this one! Take a look at the whole work (above) and then the close's made of discarded book covers! (Sarah, isn't this just too cool?) Our docent took us through most of the first six floors of the Union League Club. Here are some of my favorite paintings! There's even a Monet tucked in an alcove by the stairway, and this painting was reportedly acquired for the sum of $500.00 - at that time considered quite an astonishing sum - in the late 1800's. What a wonderful day it was to discover all these lovely paintings, and best still, to share the experience with you, the reader, AND my dear Sis! Where would you like to go next time we take a train to the city?

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