Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Seriously, Is This a Texas Thing?

At about this time last year, there was excitement in our household as plans for Anne and Jed's wedding were well underway. Save-the-Date cards were sent months ago, invitations were made and almost ready to be addressed and mailed. Reception venue was arranged, flowers ordered, musicians planned, dresses arriving for the maids and flower girls, photographer hired. But, after our recent trip to Texas and seeing all these brides ALONE, I began to wonder if we had missed something a year ago! Is this what they do in Texas BEFORE the wedding to get a picture in the newspaper of the bride ALONE? Is this what they do all over the country in preparation of the big day? Sort of like a trial run with the bride and her photographer? Each bride came equipped with a plain-clothed photographer. Some photographers looked like professional "snappers" while others looked like relatives. All brides had beautiful bouquets, freshly coifed hair, and truthfully seemed very calm and relaxed. I was thinking it could NO WAY be their wedding day! Besides, where were their grooms? This is the ONLY "set" of bride and groom that I saw the entire day at the Botanical Gardens in Dallas! I'm thinking maybe, maybe they really tied the knot on this day. Seriously, did we miss something in preparing for Anne and Jed's wedding last year by not having Anne alone photographed in a lovely outdoor scene? Days before the wedding...or on the actual day? Or is this a Texas thing? Your input would be greatly appreciated.


simplicity said...

I haven't heard of that either...very odd. Get all ready, go get photographed before the wedding?

Must be a trial run???

You sure saw a lot of brides!!!

melissa said...

This is a southern cultural thing - having bridal portraits done prior to the wedding. A lot of times they will be displayed at the wedding or used in wedding announcements which are run in the paper the week after the wedding. It's traditional in the south to have these done in advance - just the bride. Maybe to save time? Because they'll be more relaxed? Dunno...but that's the case! :)