Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend Recap

The day before Easter, we are treated to AUTHENTIC Swedish pancakes right in the comfort of our own home! John has invited SVF friends from Sweden, Rasmus and Simon, to spend the weekend here. The two Swedes whisk us up a batch of the delicious pancakes (yes, the "secret" is in whisking, whisking, whisking)...yum! Easter Sunday: Wes plays in the brass group at church and the children sing in a wonderful service. Then, it's time to head home for the Easter celebration! Treasure hunt #8 with the same clues each year commences... Say, "Cheese" (or cheesy??) for the camera with those new teeth found inside a treasure egg. Here we are gathered around our table: L to R: Rasmus, Simon, John, Jerry, Marcia, (longtime dear friends from church) Anne, Jed and me. Finally, we went to see my Mom at her residence. She had just gotten a new motorized wheelchair and it was fun to watch her in self-propelled motion! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, too!


simplicity said...

Did the Easter bunny bring everyone those teeth? So funny!

I also like Anne's rendition of Charlie's Angels behind Gram in her motorized wheel chair.

Being with loved ones on holidays is the absolute best. I wish every day was a holiday!!

Jed and Anne said...

We really had a fun Easter, didn't we? Thank you for putting together such a terrific spread of food, fun, and entertainment (I brought the teeth to work, and gave some kiddies a little chuckle). What a great hostess you are (and dad did a great job too!)