Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Rental Car Observations

Sorry, readers, but I just can't stop writing about our Texas trip yet! I thought it might be helpful for those of you planning a trip to consider rental car options. Normally, Wes and I drive very typical, boring cars. (At least neither are silver or Buicks which would be Wes' first choice, but that's another story...) So, while debating at the rental car place in Dallas, I saw a yellow BRAND NEW PT Cruiser that just brought a smile to my face. It has a large-capacity trunk, a sun roof which sells Wes on it, too. We take it! We notice that we are "noticed" while driving this car. People look at us in parking lots, and the valet guy at the hotel always brings our car immediately to us as per our request. When we park ourselves anywhere, we are the only yellow PT Cruiser in the lot, making it easily located. In a sea of cars, that's a really good thing! Do we look like we are having a good time on the road or what? How fun is it to drive looking forward at the road with all this sunny yellow car dashboard stuff cheering you on? Even when skies are cloudy and gray? Just brings a smile to my face! Here Wes poses by our yellow PT Cruiser with the Moody Gardens pyramids in the background (Galveston Island, Texas.) So, the next time you get a rental car, find one that makes you smile and transports you to a vacation frame-of-mind. Go red!(or yellow) Go convertible! Go sunroof! Go different! After all this is a getaway from your everyday ho-hum life, right?


melissa said...

thanks for your comment, mrs. lindahl! anne and i went to school together and while i never got the chance to meet you, i always heard such lovely things about you.

i found a link that testifies to the southern nature of bridal portraits:


i, too, love weddings and am looking forward to coordinating my first as an event planner this winter!

simplicity said...

As the owner of a PT Cruiser (my husbands vehicle) they do attract a lot of attention just because of the kind of car they are let alone the color.

Good challenge to people though to get out there do something different, that's what vacation is all about!

Sarah said...

You are my favorite! :)