Monday, November 05, 2007

Fifteen (Out of Sixteen) Semesters Nearly Completed - Gasp!

For as long as Anne and John have been in school productions, we have a family tradition of going to them whenever possible, clapping and cheering for them in perhaps embarassing ways and then post-performance going out together for treats. Soon, these concerts and performances will come to an end after John graduates from college in May of 2008. It will no doubt be a time of of difficult transition for us. Join us now as we go to John's weekend performance as a member of the North Park Gospel Choir concert held this past Saturday night. How lucky were we to go with Sue and Greg - dear longtime friends and also NP alumni with two lovely daughters also in the choir? The ensemble with the brass group in the balcony. (Carol and Mark, this is when I called you on my cell phone so you could hear Sean. He's the third from the right.)
Some close-ups of the Johnson sisters, John and Mike and Petey. Below: Rollo Dillworth, the inspirational director of the group. We love you, Rollo!
Post concert treat :We are certainly thanking Ryan these days for introducing us to the ice cream place Sweet Occasions! After having been there just last week with Mark and Carol, we knew the Johnson family (and friends) would love it, too!
Here is our group for the night on the right: (Not shown: picture-taker Wes) Greg, Sue, Taryn, Peter, John, Julia, Me, Mike, Kiera.


Katie said...

What an eventful night! It's wonderful that you drive to see John in concert. What dedicated parents!! :)

simplicity said...

You are dedicated parents, that's for sure. Dedicated, wonderful, loving...the list goes on.

Can you believe your time of having a college student is almost over??!??? What then!?!

melissa said...

how i miss rollo and the gospel choir. i was sorry not to be able to attend this year's concert but glad you were there! i think my favorite memory from my wedding was having them sing 'o happy day' as steven and i walked up the aisle together.