Monday, November 12, 2007

Treats of a Weekend Road Trip

Over the weekend, we had a short, sweet road trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our purpose was to visit Wes' parents and go when we could get away...our weekends at home are pretty filled these days. TREATS...Number one: We needed to stop for our evening meal after having been on the road for about an hour and a half. Just west of Milwaukee, we found this cool-looking restaurant.
Note the granite countertops and marble floor squares?
The seating booths with wall sculpture and hanging chandelier
The fireplace area with plasma TV
Did you guess the place yet? Okay, now you know seeing the items on Wes' tray - and note the fireplace behind him - it's McDonald's!!
Many hours later in our car, we arrived at the lovely, newly settled and decorated apartment of Wes' folks. Hard to believe that the four of us stayed up and talked until nearly 2:00 AM before retiring for the night.
(A next-morning view of Wes in the living room shown above. Isn't their place cozy and inviting?)
TREATS...Number two: On Saturday morning, Samara and I met at the nearby Bylerly's to sip hot cocoa and chat. It was quite a surprise to look at my watch and find we had been conversing for about two hours. I am so thankful that Anne has a friend like Samara, and that she has become a blogging buddy to me along the way!
TREATS....Number three:
Here we are gathered around a table at IKEA. The cloudy, misty day sure reminded us of one we spent in Sweden two years ago when John was at SVF and Anne took time off from school to join us on our family Thanksgiving trip to see John.
Yes, it is enjoyable to be able to share a time together with conversation/ hot cocoa or Swedish meatballs/boiled potatoes/lingonberries, but the lovliest of all is to get together with people who mean a great deal to me. Thanks, Elder and Muriel and Samara (and always to you, Wes!) for this special weekend.


simplicity said...

Deb, I too couldn't believe it had been 2 hours. Felt like 10 minutes. Way too short! Thanks for meeting with me, it was such fun to chat and catch up. Wish we could do it more often! :)

Katie said...

What an exciting weekend trip! Glad to see you had fun! :) It looks like it was really relaxing!

melissa said...

such fun! glad you were able to get away and enjoy your weekend. :)

Ingrid said...

McDonald's?????? Really?????? I must say that's quite impressive for McDonald's.

The Lindahl News said...

Ingrid, We couldn't believe it was McDonald's either!! We felt like we were in an upscale coffee place!