Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Yes, here we are on Thanksgiving Day in a place where there are lots of doctors, nurses and caring people...
Our Thanksgiving plans weren't going too well this year. Mom has been in the hospital with a serious case of pneumonia. Anne, Jed and John all had plans to be elsewhere for the holiday. But, somehow yesterday, Mom took a turn for the better, and we received an invitation to feast with the in-laws of nephew Kurt...the lovely Petersens (who acted as match-makers for Anne and Jed). We were there today and it was wonderful to be surrounded by family, especially our dear niece, Jennifer. Nothing like hanging out with loved ones to calm worried minds and soothe aching
hearts. This year I am especially thankful for my family. LET THE FEASTING BEGIN!
Sis with the salad
The turkey, the fixin's and the helpers!
Our lovely table settings included a pot of mini mums and a colorful seasonal napkin.
Here's our group gathered around the table. Diann is hiding behind Jennifer, so I'll post her picture elsewhere soon. And 2 year old Ava is also not shown here, but will be pictured eventually giving us a dance performance. Once all the tasty foods were consumed it was time for P-I-E (S)! Then down to the basement for some Karoke Merriment -
Jennifer is a natural with a microphone in her hand!
As is my sister and her fun, fun, fun granddaughter, Ava!
Check out yet another hidden talent Wes has...a rock singer!!
Wes and I had the chance to try Karoke for the very first time with the Petersen's home set-up. We competed with many tunes and his strength was Sweet Caroline and mine was Material Girl! Jennifer rocked at 90's hits and Diann had Ava's help in performance movin' and groovin'! So, now I can offer more choices in my repertoire of songs I can "do" as your wedding singer besides CLOSE TO YOU and MUSKRAT LOVE!! By the end of the evening, Ava had all given us "check ups" with her play stethoscope, reflex hammer, thermometer and tongs. We were "all better"...a strong dose of family/loved ones togetherness apparently was just what the good doctor had ordered!
Thanks to all of you out there who care for the sick. You make such a difference in so many lives, and you probably aren't thanked enough.


simplicity said...

Love the pictures and the Thanksgiving update. Much to be thankful for this year isn't there?

cellothug said...

I'm glad to hear Grandma is doing better. Thanks for all the pics of that side of the family!