Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Married to a Ski Bum

There's something you might not know about Wes that just could surprise you! In college, he took off a semester to be a ski bum in Utah in 1974...and that's when our romance first took on its possibilities as we exchanged short weather reports through the mail. Recently, one of his ski buddies converted the film they made into a youtube video, and it's getting lots of hits - something like 11,800 so far! Sorry, I haven't yet figured out how to post this directly on my blog, but I can link you to the site here:
Wes did much of the filming, but can be seen wearing the brownish jacket and (of course, because it's sensible Wes), a ski hat. Rock is the one with the cool star pants, and Stein is wearing the red jacket. Isn't it fun to think I'm married to a ski bum -whose nickname then was "The Bird." Who knew?


simplicity said...

Ok #1 The nicknames crack me up, Rock, Stein, The Bird??!!?

#2 Those STAR pants! Where can I get me some of those?!?

#3 They are really good skiers and this is such a cool video.

#4 11,000 plus hits! WOW!
Wes is a FAMOUS You Tube SKIER!!! :)

cellothug said...

Deb, what I love about your blog is that I'm always learning new things about your family! What fun!

We got an unexpected dose of the white stuff (speaking of weather reports) overnight. Unfortunately the plows and mag-chloride-spreader-people were just as surprised as I was, apparently. The roads were a sheet of ICE. Yuck!

melissa said...

who knew?! such fun. i wish i could ski but my beyond-poor circulation prevents me from it...sigh. what a neat way to capture wes' memories of that time!

Katie said...

Haha I know everyone must have commented on the pants but seriously...those were some amazing pants!! I have to get some like that ;)

Elin said...

Haha, that is sooo cool! So fun to see! I hope you're doing well. Wishing you a great december, maybe I'll see you in a couple of weeks,

Ken Satt said...

Hi Wes and Deb, Ken Satterberg here. Great video. I sent it to Dan Johnson here in Hilmar. I am in the US until March 2008. Maybe we can connect around Midwinter. Ken S