Sunday, January 27, 2008

Family Matters

After just being the two of us for many days in Hawaii, we came back home and our unofficial Lindahl B & B was up and running. We had gatherings with 9 relatives in just as many days! Niece Jennifer (at right) visited from NYC, then brother Duane from Colorado, nephew Andrew and his wife, Timi - also from Colorado came to see us. Fun times. (Although our cat Marshie wasn't used to so many people in the house, she loved any attention given her.)
On Wednesday, my sister Diann took me out to lunch at Mickey Finn's and then we went out to see a fun movie 27 Dresses. Her themed gifts to me were a huge hit: everything related to the game of Scrabble with crossword clues. Clever, clever, clever!
Five cousins gathered with us on Friday night at Lou Malnati's. (Well, only three of them are "blood" cousins, but the more the merrier!) On Saturday, 7 of us went to the Art Institute in Chicago. L to R: Wes, Timi, Andrew, Picasso Strummer, Duane, Diann and Ryan.
John drove out to our hometown from Chicago to surprise me for my birthday today. Earlier in the week he had arranged for flowers and a card to be delivered here! It's what every Mom hopes for someday, and this year it happened for me!
My last visitor of the week, Anne, came in with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a sweet little raspberry cake, a magazine and just look at her with her freshly shorn haircut! (She donated her locks to Wigs for Kids.) With her radiant smile and happy disposition she lights up a room!

A busy week, to be sure, but one that brought a whole lotta love my way...thanks, everybody! I love you!


simplicity said...

Looks like you had a spectacular birthday! Can't ask for much more than that. Love Anne's haircut! :)

oatley said...

Happy (post) spectacular birthday! Loved seeing all of the pictures from your birthday week ... and oh my, Duane! It has been a LONG time since I've seen him. As always, you look fab and quite frankly never change! Best of everything in this coming year! Love, me

cellothug said...

Sounds like a whirlwind! Now you've seen the CO relatives more recently than I have (I wanted to get together with A & T and they had some lame excuse about going to Illinois??) Happy Birthday!

Cherith said...

wow. and here i was feeling bad that you were without plans on sunday. no wonder you weren't up for another party: you were already party-pooped! ;) happy birthday!!