Saturday, January 12, 2008

Return to Paradise - Finally!

My parents loved to travel and when they offered us a trip to Hawaii - all expenses paid, I might add - we jumped at the chance! Even though I was nearly 7 months pregnant, it was the trip of a lifetime. Wes and I always promised each other we'd go back someday. What happened? Life happened. Our kids had busy schedules...who would care for them while we were gone? Flash forward twenty two years, and we finally pulled it off. Clearing our schedules and committments at home was no easy task. But, we made it back to paradise!
Twenty two years later:
(Here we are in Hawaii in 1986... just a couple of months before John was born.) A glimpse of our comfy, cozy studio condo at Napili Shores.
The bay just to the left of our condo where sea turtles swim and play.
The path right outside our studio condo leading to the tide pool beach.
The beach just to the right of where we stayed. Great for wave riding and snorkeling!
Over the next few days (or however long it takes to assimilate being back to our real life), I will be posting more about our wonderful anniversary trip to Hawaii. It took 22 years to return, but we sure hope it won't be that long until our next visit!


simplicity said...

Yeah! Welcome home!

Love the pictures and can't wait to read more about your trip! Looks like a beautiful time was had.

(By the way, you and Wes are a great looking couple, both then and now!)

cellothug said...

How great! I haven't made it to Hawaii yet. Welcome back!

Melissa said...

Welcome back! Love the interspersed "flashback" photos with your new ones. Glad you had a great trip!

Spirit Bear said...

wow, I feel warm and relaxed just looking at your beautiful photos. Can't wait to hear more. It must have been amazing to go back after all this time!

Spirit Bear said...

Deb, how did you get all those different font sizes? I need a lesson!