Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Laena Lou's Hair Salon

Hair salons of the world...GET READY! Laena is on her way! We discovered she had an incredible passion for creating world class "coifs" at our recent gathering in New Jersey. She combs and styles with flair, and is not afraid to tackle the locks of young, middle-aged, or "young at heart." She's quick, she's strong and not afraid to try something new. Add these clients to her portfolio!
Finally, check out live action of our niece doing Wes' hair. Note her happy face, and how many expressions Wes was capable of making!


melissa said...

I love - LOVE! - that picture of Wes. Thanks for the midday chuckle! Happy new year to you and yours. :)

Spirit Bear said...

Go check your e-mail!

cellothug said...

Too cute! Why doesn't Wes look like he's having fun? In the 2nd picture she looks a LOT like one of Toni's little nieces!