Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What is it about Girlie Girls?

Ask this two year old her name and she readily says, "Princess Ava." Not just Ava. Recently, two events in my life brought the "Ahhhh" into my was seeing great niece Ava with a sparkling crown on her head, and the other was seeing a fluffy movie about a young woman who was a bridesmaid in 27 of her friends' weddings. What is it about fancy dresses, crowns and princesses that sucks me in? Is there a (gasp) girlie girl lurking inside of me? Was I the only one who cried in the Princess Diary books and movies? And, when Princess Diana was alive, I would purchase any magazine with her on the cover to check out what she was wearing? And that I also loved the fashions Jacquie Kennedy wore in her White House years - oh, those hats and gloves and ball gowns!
So, what is it that makes a girl one of those girlie girls? Is it if she likes to wear glitter, sparkles and a crown every now and then? Is it that she likes to see movies like Enchanted
or 27 Dresses where, in the end, she finds the true love of her life? Is it about loving to have manicures and pedicures? Or being attired in soft, flowy, feminine pastel fabrics? Never have I thought of myself as a girlie girl, but it sure is fun to do some of the above things every now and then.
Now, about that vintage hat, purse and clothing collection...


Jed and Anne said...

So cute! How fun to see and hear about Princess Ava. What a doll!

The Lindahl News said...

She is a cutie, huh?

You did have your one year as a princess on Halloween, but it sure wasn't like the Disney ones these days! And remember when you were a bride that one Halloween wearing the dress from Renee and Jeff's wedding? You felt "it" then...I just know it!

cellothug said...

Two of Toni's nieces (aged 5 and 7, I think) are in a major princess stage! I think Toni was hoping they'd be tomboys that ride motorcycles, or something....ha!