Friday, February 22, 2008


Last night at our church the Fireside Fellowship group gathered for a special program featuring vintage hats, old time sing-along songs and, of course, food. A Lutheran minister - Rev. Nathan Anderson, brought many hats and his guitar. Hats and music...count me in! (Even though I am not yet a part of the FF group.) For years now, I have been collecting vintage hats myself, and many of the folks in this slide show are wearing my "finds." My observation: get a fun hat on almost anyone, and immediately they smile and others respond with ooo's and laughs. In this group, you will see retired teachers, missionaries, musicians, parents/grandparents of those you might know yourself, travel agents, retired business men and women. You might even spot a minister or two! Enjoy!


Katie said...

Whoa! Cool slideshow. It sounds like that was a really fun event, too! Maybe I'll make a slideshow on my next post :)

The Lindahl News said...

Hey K! That would be fun to see a slide show on your blog...they're really easy to do; it just takes a long time to get pictures downloaded. Good luck!