Sunday, February 10, 2008

Puppy Love

There's just something about a puppy, isn't there? Wes and I both had family dogs when we were growing up, but never owned one in our married household...instead we have had a cat, Marshmallow, for 17 and a half years now. So, it has been especially fun in the past six months to catch the excitement of others as they get new puppies. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I think I'll do some posts about what is loved this week. This is the first installment.
On Saturday, we were at home doing our Saturday stuff when I heard a lot of bustle on our front porch - yet no one was ringing the doorbell. So, I went to open the door and was greeted by an adorable new puppy, Finley, and her new owners -our next door neighbors! It'll be delightful fun to watch their puppy grow up daily before our eyes. Wes and I loved seeing her try to help shovel the snow this morning, chewing away at the snow shovel with gusto. Her little wiggly black body contrasted with the white snow makes her easy to spot.
My friend Jan and her family drove far from home to pick out their new puppy, Luke. It's so entertaining to hear stories of their canine as he grows up...from his love for eating mud, how he loves to be a meeter and greeter (and I suspect neighborhood favorite), to how he loves snow days when his "girls" are home from work and school. This is our niece, Laena (yes, the hair dresser) holding up a picture of their new puppy, Ginny. Ginny is a southern girl and was picked up following our family Christmas gathering out east. Reportedly, all are in love with their new pooch who has turned out to be very sweet-natured Old English Sheepdog and thankfully able to handle her new, active family!
Let's hear it for puppy love!! (And our fomer pups Ginger and Boots especially!)

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cellothug said...

cute pictures! i'll have my mom's Lucy again later this week, so maybe i can do my own dog pics.

No more 50's weather...hiking yesterday, snowing today! Ah, colorado!