Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Whole Lotta Snowin' Goin' On

If you are living in this area, you know we are being snowed upon with quite the regularity, and today is no exception. The early morning sounds of neighbors' snowblowers is almost as dependable as an alarm clock these days. We still shovel the old-fashioned way, but one of our neighbors anonymously is snow-blowing our driveway every now and then and we appreciate this random act of kindness!
Schools are closing. Our library was even closed today due to the weather...and that is a rarity. Thank goodness, we have shelter and food and I am thinking of those who are not as fortunate.
While it is very pretty outside, I find myself longing for warmer days. Then today, out of the blue, Wes forwarded me a 1977 picture taken while visiting his aunt and uncle in California...Lorraine and LeRoy Satterberg. Cousin Ken forwarded it my FIL, and now I put it out there for Muriel and Elder to fondly remember two relatives they dearly loved.
Ahh. Here's to your own warm memories on this snowy, wintry day. I hope they take you back to a place filled with sunny skies, the scent of the rich earth beneath your feet and the heavenly smell of flowers in bloom!


Sarah said...

Our offices were supposed to close, but they didn't! :( Now everyone is here and stuck in the city.

Cherith said...

ohmygosh. are you two the cutest, or what??

simplicity said...

Love that picture. You and Wes are VERY cute!

So fun!

Enjoy the snow. We only have cold weather right now, no snow. Ugh!

Jed and Anne said...

It was fun to see that picture of you and Dad and the Satterbergs from long ago. Happy snow to you!

andie said...

Aww, how cute were you and Wes?

Happy snow day! I got a half-snow-day and was very pleased not to be driving in the dark in these conditions. I love the snowflake pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

Jeanne said...

I love old pics. thanks for the memories

Melissa said...

What a great picture! Hope you're staying warm today.

cellothug said...

Stay warm!

In my opinion snow..
1. Should stay in the mountains
2. If it snows, it should be enough for a snow day!

But that's never how it works!