Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Crazy" Love

North Park University, our Alma Mater, has a group of males -crazy, goofy males, who dress up for basketball games in wacky clothes and stand on the bleachers as a group and yell out cheers and chants for the team and fans. They call themselves the Carlson Crazies and they are a hoot and a holler to watch as they stomp, jump, yell, sway and carry on - and of course, John is an active (very!) participant in this group. These are his buds, his partners-in-brotherhood and this group has a unique kind of love for each other.
John shown here with some of his best buddies and fellow Crazies - all set to graduate this coming May. L to R: John, Chuck, Mike and Alex. Above: John with the Rholl brothers and his number one fan.

So, this is it for the Lindahl participation in this cazy brotherhood of Carlson Crazies. As of tonight, the home games are over, and thus ends this reign of craziness. Yes, there will be others who carry on with the tradition, but it just won't be the same (to me) to go to a game and not see our son in that section of the bleachers. Thanks for the entertainment you guys have provided for the basketball games at NPU. Thanks for your love for the game and each other these past four years.


Anonymous said...
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The Lindahl News said...

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Jed and Anne said...

Mom, this looked like such a blast. These pictures are so funny!