Friday, August 01, 2008

The Pink Suitcase Chronicles #5

Yep! It's another Pink Chronicles series about to commence! Thanks to tons of new storage in our F drive, I'm able to get back to photo heaven. Last weekend, we were able to return to our cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This time, we had quiet adventures with just the two of us at the beginning of our week, then a few days later the party started with Wes' brother and family, their new adorable English Sheepdog (she had to wear a scrunchie in her hair to be able to see where she was going when she first got there because she was running into things - and how 'bout that life preserver?), and the in-laws joining us! If you click on the above picture to make it larger, you can see the details of what Grace is holding!
Laena was catching and counting little toads and even creating inviting pail environments for them with rocks, twigs and flowers.
Karl got his first fishing pole for his birthday. He was catching EVERYTHING (but fish) with out!
This is one of my favorite pictures of these three dearies on the dock.
The day is ending, but the memories of watching three Texas kids rediscovering the North Woods bounty of tiny toads and croaking frogs in the water, a first cast into the lake for a hopeful tug on the line, spotting shimmering rocks perfect for "skipping" and looking upwards at the incredible twinkling stars is priceless. Seeing the excitement of children at play in a nature wonderland won't soon be forgotten.
Here we are with our Texas nieces and nephew. We miss them already! And as I write this, more family is about to join this party in the North Woods. Please think of us as we are NOT there frolicking with y'all! (That's Texas talk, you know!) Y'all come back now, ya hear?


Melissa said...

Oh, how fun. I've always wanted to get up to that corner of the world.

Timi + Andrew said...

it looks like you all had lots of fun! those kids are adorable...

cellothug said...

Kids, dogs, and a lake, what more could you want? Your pink suitcase has certainly been getting around! (It looks like she behaved herself this time and did not try to tumble into the water again--phew!)

Spirit Bear said...

PRECIOUS children! and the dog!! this is what childhood memories are made of.