Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going to the Chapel...Gonna Get Married (P*S*C* #17)

The church shown in the last post - First Covenant Church - looked familiar and I figured out why: over 30 years ago I was a bridesmaid there for Connie and Lowell's wedding!

Searching through my old scrapbook, I found this picture of the wedding party. I am the second girl on the left side. Below is how the front of the church looks now with a different color sceme and a wood carving of The Last Supper.

Preparations were underway for a wedding in the church later that day. With a color palette of peacock feathers - and even feathered wreaths flanking both sides of the aisles. Never in my wildest imagination did I picture my son walking down this same aisle some 30 years after I did! Isn't life full of surprises? Gotta love it.


Melissa said...

Oh the small, small world in which we live! Of the three trips I've made to that corner of the world, one of them was to that very church for a wedding, too! :)

oatley said...

I can't help but note that the wedding where you were a bridesmaid was in the era of "covering up" - note the long sleeves vs. strapless today - and when the groomsmen wore tuxes that somehow matched the color scheme - not so unlike the proms of the same era. In our wedding the groomsmen wore pale gray with pink shirts to match the bridesmaids' pink dresses. How about your wedding?

The Lindahl News said...

Melissa, just curious as to whose wedding you attended? I'm thinking maybe a Hakanson?

Sandi, you are right on target with this one...the bridesmaids wore peach (gasp!) dresses and the guys had peach shirts with brown tuxes. We all think it is rather humorous now, but back then we thought we were being so "classic" - ha!