Monday, April 13, 2009

Some Things Change, Some Don't

We think we are now in the ninth or tenth year of using the same "Easter Bunny" clues
in the Easter basket hunt for the kids. It's becoming quite hilarious to read Wes' prose year after year with basically the same clues with where the kids can find their goodies. Words are crossed out and edited as the house gets rearranged and redecorated, but Anne and John always know their loot will be found in the Master Bedroom closet! Through the years, we have added baskets (and guests) to our hunt...Alli and Luke for four years running during college, John's Swedish friends Simon and Rasmus joined us a couple of years ago. Of course, Jed is now a regular, and we look forward to Kari soon joining us on a more permanent basis! This year Mike was
with us.
So, when is it time to stop doing this silly hunt for these grown kids? Take a look at their facial expressions and tell me it is time to stop? They look like they are having I guess we'll be on again for next year! But, I'm not so sure about putting loose change inside the eggs again - it got kinda ugly when some pulled in more $ than others.


Timi + Andrew said...

You guys are soooo funny!

The Lindahl News said...

Timi and Andrew - it won't be long until Little Man would like the fun of an Easter egg hunt!

oatley said...

Oh Deb, I was so glad to hear you held your basket hunt. I've been thinking of last year's hunt at your mother's residence and the picture recaps. How bittersweet the memories of last Easter must be. It's so wonderful to keep traditions going. Maybe once grands are in the house, the adult children will relinguish their joy of the hunt to them. Happy Easter! Happy Spring! love, Sandi

The Lindahl News said...

Sandi, you are so thoughtful to remember back a year ago to our last Easter with Mom....and how challenging it was. My thoughts have been there a lot of late. Happy (late) Easter to you, too!
Same with Happy Spring!