Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wallpaper Be Gone

BEFORE: to the lower left
AFTER: to the lower right
Fifteen years ago when we put on a small addition to our house, I was still gaga for wallpaper. Mixing stripes and florals together was a popular combination. Our master bathroom was my favorite! But, tastes change and updating was needed...and the time was right to do it now when Wes fixed some of our ceiling cracks and revarnished the wooden floors.
Because I love mossy forests, and greens in general, the bathroom still has those tones, but is possibly a bit less cutesy about it. Vintage botanical prints and accessories reflect this.
What really makes me the happiest about this little renovation project is that now there is a small candle chandelier hanging up above the tub - something I always thought would be nice.
It was purchased at IKEA quite some time ago and has been waiting patiently in a drawer until
it could be a part of our new decor. And, of course, the lovely ocean watercolor painting by Helge Peterson, still lets me dream of being in the ocean while soaking in the tub.
Now, about all that wallpaper still up in our stairway and hallway...your days are numbered, too.


Sarah said...

Nothing like a fresh coat of paint! It looks so nice and clean...congrats!

simplicity said...

Your bathroom looks so beautiful! I love the color scheme and just how fresh, clean and modern it looks!!! Way to update!

Linnea said...

Ditto to simplicity's comments-what a great look!

Kass said... guys did such a nice job! I love the color as well. Can I hire you and Wes for our bathroom update? Also, I love your candle chandelier....there's got to be a romantic couple out there that will love that for sure!! Fun!!!!!

Timi + Andrew said...

Love the new look of your bathroom! Great job!

Marta said...

I'm loving the update, Deb. It looks totally 2009. (Or maybe even 2010!) You did a great job! I'm excited to think about choosing paint colors for my own place someday. I'm a big fan of mossy greens, too.

oatley said...

all I can say is ahhhhhh! can I come for a much needed soak?

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, all, for your nice comments!