Monday, April 06, 2009

Lovebirds Update

It has been some time now since the last post on our lovebirds, John and Kari! Everything is progressing nicely. Mental (and perhaps actual) lists have been made and are being checked off regularly. These are the items that I know about to date:
Of course, the date has been set! This August. Out of town. Can't wait!
Engagement pictures taken by cousin Kate. On a fresh, snowy morning in Chicago. Weeks ago - but could have been yesterday due to a new snowfall here. C'mon, snow on April 5? Enough, already!
THE dress. Chosen.
Paying off the Finder's Fee debt to Kari's cousin, Kate, for setting these two up on their blind date. Yep...a million dollars is a lot of money, but the match is well worth it!
The Bridesmaid (6) dresses. Selected and Measured.
The color theme. Lovely.
Registry completed: Crate and Barrel, Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond.
Mothers dresses selected...and at least ONE of them is not beige in color!
Showers have been planned...the first one in just a couple of weeks.
Rehearsal Dinner venue appointments made...hopefully we'll like what we see when checking things out soon.
Isn't it all so exciting? Meanwhile, I am continuing to keep practicing my vocal piece (Karen Carpenter's rendition of Close to You) in case their wedding singer backs out at the last minute.


Linnea said...

Busy busy busy! I'm excited for the wedding-and this time I'll be on the same continent. Hooray!

Timi + Andrew said...

WE cannot wait to congratulate to the Lovebirds in person! They are lovely together!

The Lindahl News said...

Tweet...I meet SWEET! Linnea and Timi and Andrew and Will coming?

Linnea said...

I will be there for sure! I'm still working on Toni. (hopefully he can get off of work!)

simplicity said...

If there were an award for the most excited and most encouraging and just fun all around mother in'd be the winner! Hands down!