Tuesday, May 19, 2009

City Stories #1: Only Drive-Thru for Keys in the U.S.A.

Due to the recent change in status of being part-time city dwellers, I am going to begin a series much like that of the Pink Suitcase Chronicles. This is the first installment! And it's a good one for learning about what we find in our new neighborhood.
Yep...here you have it: the only drive-thru key (and watch battery) kiosk in the U.S.A.! (Maybe even in the world if you believe our "guide" Dave.) He's been recently relocated here from the confines of the Sears store less than a block away and he likes it just fine in his new digs.
We fielded him - my sister and I - many questions about the place and he was happy to give us details. Such as that this little building was shipped in from Arizona after the filming of Back to the Future where others just like it were featured. And he willingly posed for a picture that I got permission to share with you all. Here he is, according to his nametag The Key Expert Dave.
Not only was he an expert on kiosk history, but he cuts a fine key! And also replaces a battery with professional precision as well. Diann and I celebrated with sister "power" by donning our own style - she just happened to have a moustache in her purse, and not to be outdone, I inverted my sunglasses to look 'stached' as well. Dave took our pictures and we parted as two satisfied customers.
Want to hear the funniest part of the story? He told he's he'd like to go out for "beverages" with us, but he had too many hours still at work. He thought we would be fun to hang out with. He's apparently got that number right. We do have our fun!


Pam said...

12 years ago there was a drive thru key place in Dearborn, Michigan but it could be gone now :)

Pam said...

I just took a nostalgia trip with Google Street View - while the street view didnt' go into the back of the store - where they key booth used to be - the store is closed now and most of the rest of the block..

Linnea said...

Now that's what I call convenience! Obviously, any sisters that photograph and learn all about a key place, and have a fake mustache in purse, are LOTS of fun to hang out with, and, perhaps even get beverages with. :)

Looking forward to many future episodes of City Stories!

oatley said...

I'm amused by your whole adventure. I'm not sure which is funnier - the fact that your sister happen to be carrying a mustache in her purse, you turning your sunglasses upside down for a make-shift mustache, or that he wanted to join you for beverages, but couldn't. I think you made his day!

I miss you!

Timi + Andrew said...

Deb and Diann, you two are a lot of fun!!!!!