Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Quilts X Two = Shower Gifts

Just about three years ago now, Anne and Jed had their shower at our church. My Mom was well enough to come, and it was such a treat to have her there for the unveiling of a quilt we made together. My Mom loved to cross stitch and she started these white embroidered squares when Anne was still a young girl. It was my job to make the quilt! Fast forward three years to John and Kari...and I just couldn't put a quilt together for them with
the blocks Mom had left behind with either Sunbonnet Sue or butterflies! (My son is manly, you know! And, besides these embroidered blocks would be just right for a future little one if we are so blessed.)
As the lovebirds have not chosen to have a long engagement with enough time for me to start a quilt from scratch, I offered several options to John that I have made that have never been used.
This is the one he thought he and Kari would like:

The on-point square "checkerboards" are antique blocks that I found in St. Louis, Missouri. Using reproduction fabrics (Really! That's what they are called when they are based on old fabric patterns from the past and made new again) the quilt is made to look like one from the 1880's in the "Strippie" style - meaning the way the blocks are set in rows with a striped fabric in between them. I actually machine quilted this one, based upon the wavy lines on the backing black fabric.
At the shower, I was asked to go and stand by the couple as they held their gift quilt. Must be that imp in me that made me fall into their laps - when am I going to keep myself under better control??? Sorry, guys...I'll try to behave better at the next shower!
May this bring you much comfort as you begin your lives together... Love Ya!


Sarah said...

Very nice, Deb...and manly!

The Lindahl News said...

Just think...it could have been yours. But all is good, huh?

We love Kari..and you love TK.

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Kass!

Katie said...

Both quilts are gorgeous! My family makes important occasion quilts too and they are such a treasure. I always feel loved when I'm snuggled in a quilt someone made for me.