Thursday, May 21, 2009

City Stories #2: Where I Got in Trouble!

A person can get into trouble in the city for a lot of things: writing graffiti on walls, crossing the street at a non-crosswalk part, not wearing a bicycle helmet, talking on a cell phone while driving in a car, shoplifting, public indecency...just to name of the few reasons why. However, I was recently busted myself in a place you would never expect: the public library!!! And, of all places for me as I am employed by one myself! Before I tell you why, I want to take you on a little tour of the "incident." However, I will not name the library by name as this could get me into further trouble. Let's just say this is near our new little city nest and leave it at that!
This friendly (?) face greets you as you come in the door. And, yes, the building is named after him.
Isn't this just gorgeous with the expansive ceilings? Our hometown library doesn't look like this.
I loved the stained glass window hanging from the Children's Department ceiling...and all the colorful displays on top of the library stacks.
Here's the Circ Desk...and the guy working there was wearing a backwards baseball cap and jeans...dress code, anyone???
The stairway was pretty impressive as well...this is just half the way up. It is so light on this second level due to the many glass domes overhead.

Can I just say that I love, love, love this big clock on the second floor?

What is different about this library than my hometown library is that this place has strolling security guards. And towards the end of my photo taking, I noticed one seemed to be following me. turns out that you are not allowed to take pictures in the building. Who knew?

This happens at our library all the time! Of course, I know not to take pictures of people directly. I, however, thought taking architectural photos would be fine. Just fine. I complied with the request, and luckily retained my camera and my new CPL library card.

So, consider yourselves warned. Just sayin'.


oatley said...

Oh Deb ... you are such a trouble maker / law breaker! Tsk, tsk!

ps - seems they should have it posted if you aren't suppose to be taking pictures, don't you think?

The Lindahl News said...

Sandi, I agree with you about the posted note. Seems nutsy to me.

Timi + Andrew said...

Deb, this a beautiful library! It looks so modern but yet traditional, cozy and bright! I love the clock as well!

simplicity said...

Oh Deb! I am laughing because I am pretty sure I know of which library this is and think that I too got in trouble for taking pictures there when I was at NPU. Too funny! Keep the city adventures comin'

Linnea said...

You rebel! Did you tell the guard, "If they didn't want me to take pictures, they shouldn't have made the library so beautiful?"

I, for one, am glad you were able to share these pictures!